Summer Crochet Bag

Summer has arrived! Inspired by the lovely weather this week, I made this summery crochet bag. All the materials were leftovers or random things I had lying round the house and it barely took me two nights to make it – quick and inexpensive projects are just my favourite :)! I’m relatively new to crochet and this was a chance to experiment with different stitches. To make the bottom part, I started to crochet a circle, using a single crochet stitch and two stands of ribbon yarn, a dark orange and a slightly wider light orange. The combination of this rather tight stitch and the two different yarns allowed this part of the bag to become quite firm so that it can ‘stand up’. In the middle, I continued with two strands of the thinner dark orange yarn and switched to the woven stitch, which is nice and easy but looks quite pretty, I think. For the final top section, I used only one strand of the dark orange and switched back to single crochet stitches. I also decreased by two stitches on opposite ends. I happened to have a perfectly matching orange zipper in my stash and the strap is just an old belt. Voilà!

DSC_0569 (2)


DSC_0575 (2)


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