Knitted “Leftovers” Bag

After working as a freelance knitter for Sheep of Steel for almost a year, I had accumulated many small bits of their beautiful yarn that was left over from commissioned project. This was the perfect opportunity to make a patchwork handbag, based on a pattern from what is currently one of my favourite knitting books (review coming soon!). I used more colours than in the pattern and made the pentagons and hexagons smaller (casting off after the 10th row), so that the bag ended up measuring just over 20 cm. I put it through one cycle in the washing machine, but otherwise didn’t go overboard with the felting as I quite liked the knitted structure of the squares and the fact the aren’t entirely flat. To finish it off, I added a zipper and a leather strap from an old handbag.

knit bag 2
pre assembly
knit bag
the finished bag

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